On this page we give you some resources that will help with your brewing experience. Feel free to download or use any of these.

  1. How to Brew from a Brew Can or Pouch. Basic instructions for first time brewers.
  2. For the complete newbie click here.
  3. See how Mangrove Jack’s unique Pouch technology works, click here to see the Benefits of Pouches.
  4. The Garden Route, considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, what better than some outstanding local microbreweries to visit. Click here for details.
  5. Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Yeasts, click here for more info.
  6. Confused by all the brew lingo? Fake it till you make it, click here for Common Brewing Terms
  7. Beer101 – All you need to know about Beer basics.
  8. The Magnificent Multitude of Beer – Check out this cool diagram listing all the variations and possibilities for your future brews!
  9. Fermentis Yeast, Tips and Tricks. Click here to download the pdf booklet.
  10. For Frequently Asked Questions – click here.
  11. If you want to work out a recipe, the Brewer’s Friend recipe calculator can be a big help!