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Vintner's Harvest Home Winery Starter Kit (Equipment)

Vintner's Harvest Home Winery Starter Kit (Equipment)

R 1,750.00

Your Vintner's Harvest Winery is a complete set of premium quality Winemaker's equipment. It has everything you need to start making great wine today.

Our easy to follow steps will give you the skills and knowledge to make wine so good you'll never want to buy commercial wine again.

You may also find a Carboy Mix Stir (Wine Whip) is very handy, they attach to a hand held drill and spin quickly to remove gas from the wine, without the need to transfer the wine into a bucket.

Kit includes the following:

- 30lt Fermenter & Lid

- Bubbler Airlock

- Top Hat Grommet

- 23lt Plastic Carbouy

- Hydrometer

- 39cm Spoon

- Stick on Digital Thermometer

- Demijohn Bored Bung

- 2 x No Rinse Steriliser 25g

- 2 x ECD Coldwater Detergent 25g

- Easy Syphon

- Clear Vinyl Tubing

- Directions/Manual


You'll also need to purchase a wine concentrate kit of your choice and some bottles to put the finished product into.

The kit does not come with a corker, and freshly treated corks will have to be purchased close to bottling time as the corks will start to dry out over time and could spoil the wine.

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