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Muntons Premium Gold Berry Fruit Cider

Muntons Premium Gold Berry Fruit Cider

R 685.00

The Muntons Premium Gold range beer kits have been developed and formulated using Muntons vast wealth of experience and knowledge of malt manufacturing, malt extract production and vast experience in the manufacture of top-quality beer making kits.

Muntons Premium Gold range are without doubt the best beer making kits on the market today. We have used the finest quality malting barley, malted to perfection and carefully balanced this with our choice of best hops available 

Careful control of the manufacturing process and that little bit of Muntons know-how ensures that each of our Premium Gold Beer kits contain all the necessary ingredients to produce truly remarkable beers. We begin by carefully selecting and malting the best English 2-row barley. Great care is taken when making our extract to ensure we retain all the malt flavour and character. To this we add a unique blend of brewing hops specially supplied by England’s most renowned hop growers. To guarantee consistent brewing our Premium Gold beer kits contain our very own gold yeast – a brewer’s grade yeast with superior ale making characteristics and good “crusting” properties to brew crystal clear beer. Once you have experienced the satisfying taste of Muntons Premium Gold, nothing else will do.

All of the Muntons Premium Gold beer kits produce 40 UK pints (6 US gallons), 23 litres of highly distinctive ales all with an approximate ABV of 5%.

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