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Kombucha Home Brew Kits

Kombucha Home Brew Kits

R 370.00

Everything you need to get started brewing your own kombucha. Each kit includes a Scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast, the “mother” culture), starter liquid, raw sugar, a custom home brew tea blend, reusable cloth tea bag, cover cloth, elastic tie, colour leaflet with detailed instructions, and a cloth tote bag (just because). Scobys are rather resilient so under most conditions can be reused virtually forever for endless brewing adventures.


Theonista Home Brew Kit Contents:

  • Scoby & Starter
  • 400g Raw Cane Sugar (enough for 2 brews)
  • 30g Custom Tea Blend (enough for 2 brews)
  • Cover cloth & Elastic Band
  • Reusable cloth tea bag
  • Detailed instruction leaflet with pictures
  • Theonista branded tote bag
The scoby provided in the kit can be used to brew endless batches of kombucha.