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Caramel Amber Malt (1kg)

Caramel Amber Malt (1kg)

R 38.00

Our first class Caramel Amber reinforces the typical "caramely" malt aroma of the beer. It gives the beer a darker colour and increases foam stability. In addition, it enhances the full-bodied character of the beer.

After the germination is finished, the green malt is stewed and gently roasted using a special process. This produces the special caramel aroma.

Our Caramel Amber malt comes from either BEST, Weyermanns, or The Swaen.



Perfectly suited for pilsner, light beer, lager, kölsch, reduced-alcohol beer, special beer as well as for other dark beers.



61-80 EBC / 23-31 L



Up to 30% of the grainbill

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