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Bootlegger Starter Brewery Kit

Bootlegger Starter Brewery Kit

R 900.00

The Bootlegger Starter Brewery Kit includes all the equipment (except bottles) you need to start making your own craft beer! 

The kit includes:

25l fermenter with tap
Stick on thermometer
Airlock and top-hat grommet
2 x 25g no rinse steriliser
2 x 25g cold water cleaner/detergent
Bottling wand with PVC connector pipe
Bottle brush
Twin lever Emily capper
Beer finings
Carbonation Drops
Crown Seals
Brewer's spoon

Please note that the kit does not include ingredients! 
When buying the kit, we will chat about what kind of beer you would like to make, and suggest your first extract beer ingredients.
Alternatively, you can jump straight in with a great partial or full grain brew!

This item can not be shipped.

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