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How to Brew from a Brew Can or Pouch

  1. Thoroughly clean and sterilise all equipment! If your equipment is not clean, you could spoil your entire brew.
  2. Remove the plastic cap (can) and the yeast enclosed under the cap, or under the pouch and put to one side
  3. Stand the can or pouch in hot water for 10 minutes to soften contents.
  4. Dissolve contents and 1kg of liquid brewing sugar or sugar in two litres of hot water in your fermenter or pot (add to fermenter before next step). Then add 17 litres of cold water. Mix thoroughly. For a stronger malt flavour, a 1.7kg can malt extract can be used instead of liquid brewing sugar or sugar.
  5. Add approximately 2.5litres of either cold of hot water so as to give a final temperature of between 18 and 28deg C. Final volume 23 litres.
  6. Sprinkle yeast over liquid surface and place the lid on the fermenter with the airlock in place(half fill the airlock with cooled boiled water)
  7. Keep the brew between 18-28degC until specific gravity reaches approximately 1006. If using liquid brewing sugar or malt extract instead of sugar then the reading is usually higher at approximately 1012.
  8. Fermentation will be complete in 4-7days (approximately). When the hydrometer reading remains constant for 24 hours the brew is ready for bottling.
  9. Bottling – Sterilise bottles and place either required carbonation drops or dextrose sugar (as little 4g/L for Stouts and Bitters and as much as 6-8g/L for proper fizzy stuff) per bottle and fill to within 50mm of the top. Be careful not to over prime your bottles, you may have a case of exploding beer!
  10. Seal and store in an upright position for a minimum of 2 weeks. The beer may be consumed after two weeks but will continue to improve with age for up to 6 months.


Please note, this is basic guideline for most cans and pouches, may vary for specific recipes. Each product comes with step by step instructions.