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For the Complete Newbie!

Okay so, you have never brewed beer before, all the lingo is confusing and you're not sure this is for you.

Well... in fact, home brewing, whether it be Beer, Cider, Ginger Beer or Wine is extremely easy and very very rewarding!

The best place to start would be to purchase a starter kit (below), we have very simple Mangrove Jack's starter kits that include everything you need (except bottles), including step by step instructions from start to finish!


The most important aspect of brewing is making sure your equipment (anything coming into contact with the beer) is STERILISED. Because of the fermentation process, any bacteria will develop further and give you an 'off' brew.

You will just need to get your own bottles and you are ready to go! The kits include a Brew Can, this is a reduction of an already hopped (flavoured) malt extract reduction (basically syrup). All you do is add the sugars and Brew Can contents to water, add your yeast into the fermenter and the yeast converts sugars into alcohol. After a week or so (depending on fermentation temp) you will be ready to bottle.

How do you get carbonation into the beer? Easy, included in the kit are Carbonation Drops for priming your bottles, basically sugar compressed into hard drops that you add to each bottle, this will ferment further in the bottle and because the bottles are sealed tight the carbonation is developed. 


There are basic step by step instructions on our resources page, some questions are answered on the FAQ page, but if you don't come right and need to know something (no matter how silly it seems), please email us at info@thebootlegger.co.za, we don't believe there are any stupid questions and are happy to help and make sure your first brew is a success!!!!!

We are on Twitter and Facebook, so if you're in the middle of the brew and need urgent assistance (and it's not 2 in the morning) we will answer as quick as possible to help.

Good luck and happy brewing!