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Eden Brewers Club




Eden Brewers Club

Situated in the Garden Route? Well, The Eden Brewers Club was formed to get like-minded people together to discuss their latest brew, learn how to brew and taste some amazing and crazy home brew recipes.

The club is very informal for now, but we meet every 2nd Month on the 2nd Wednesday at the Timberlake Organic Village between Wilderness & Sedgefield.

I doesn’t matter if you’re new to brewing or experienced, we’d love to meet you! From total newbies, extract brewers, partial mashes and right up to experienced full grain master brewers, anyone is welcome and it is the best way to learn.

There are no joining fees or application forms, just a good group of friendly brewers sharing their love for the home brew.

See the link below to the Google Groups page to stay up to date with happenings, discussions, meeting times and any questions you may have. We will update this page as often as possible. Please introduce yourself on the group and if possible bring along a taster from your latest home brew for the guys (and girls) to taste!

Google Group Link - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/edenbrewers 

For more info email Mike – edenbrewers@gmail.com


See you there! Cheers


June 2015

Just recently we had our first ‘Brew & Braai’ hosted by Dale & Sian Holder with Dale showing off his very impressive and clever home brew set up. A very interesting American style IPA named OXYMORON ALE was put together and with 4 fermenters all making their way to different homes, pitched with different yeast varieties, it should make for a very interesting tasting at our next meeting! 

August 2015

Another good evening with like minded brewing friends! There were some new faces there and are always welcome! Our tasting of the OXYMORON ALE was very interesting indeed, all brews had been dry hopped with a variety of different hops and all had been pitched with different yeasts. Unfortunately minutes from the meeting were too difficult to keep up with after all the different beers and tastes.

Eden Brewers Club will have a stand at the Thousand Sensations Crafted Beer & Food Festival at the Wilderness Hotel on the 18th and 19th September, come through and taste some amazingly hand crafted beers from guys like Dale Holder and his 'Naartjie Bom', Mike, Tim and Reinholdt with his selection of German recipes! The Bootlegger will also have a stall in case you would like to know how to brew your very own masterpiece!

Hope to see you there and at the next meeting!

October 2014

Again, we met at the Oyster Shack - Timberlake Village, thanks again to Dom for hosting us. Much discussion was had regarding everyones different brews and methods. Dale had some more Naartjie Bom for tasters, Reinholdt supplied some of his new recipes including his Edenator Doppelbock! 

We welcomed a few new faces to the group and hope this number grows so please join us for the next one!

We will be having a year end bash at the Oyster Shack on the 5th December 2015, please join us if you can, it's a great place to bounce ideas and recipes off some very experienced brewers present and also a great place for new brewers to meet each other.

Please check the google groups page, introduce yourself and let us know if you will be joining on the 5th and any contribution to the evening will be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you there!

December 2015

After a rather confusing attempt at a year end function for the club, it has been decided that the "year end" function will be moved to June. Seems the saying, 'can't organise a piss up at a brewery' bears some truth. :-) With that been said, we had another great meeting with Dale (mad scientist) presenting his 93 hop addition IPA. Not as bitter as would be expected but another fantastic beer as usual from Dale. Rennie brought his Golden Ale, dry hopped of course and Clint with some samples from dry hopped extract kits. We had a lot of new faces again at the meeting, although we would like more to crawl out of the woodwork please, we know you're out there!!!

The next meeting will be held on the 10th Feb at the Oyster Shack as usual, 18h00 onwards. We would please also like to encourage local distillers to join the meetings, there are quite a few out there and it is always great to bounce recipes and ideas off each other. 

Watch this space for future Brewery Courses as well as Distillery Courses to be held this year, keep an eye on The Bootlegger website for more info. Hopefully we see you at the next meeting, until then, Cheers!!!

February 2016

The meeting on the 10th of February saw a record number of local home brewers and distillers meeting up as usual at the Oyster Shack, Timberlake Village! This is a great sign and we encourage more people to join us!

Special thanks to Dom for hosting us again!

Lots of interesting beers were prepped for tasting, Pilsners, Lagers, Blondes, Irish Red, Porter, a few IPA's and a Tripel! That's not including the various liquors and spirits from some talented home distillers! I thinkthe Gin-soaked blueberries hit the spot!

Some not-so-serious discussions were had; there may be a brew/distilling day on the cards before the next meeting in April and an exciting competition coming up for a logo design! Details to follow!

Well, with our first meeting under the belt (so to speak), here's to many more in 2016, we hope to see regular faces and meet many more new ones too!



April 2016

Morning fellow Fermenters

Thanks to all for the lekker evening on Wednesday. We had a really good turn out for a third meeting running, with some really good beers and other fermented beverages.

On show were:

2 versions of green/wet hopped beers using Tim's hops from the recent harvest. I think that next year we definitely need to do a club group brew at harvest time!
Coconut Pale Ale
Rooibos Rye Red Ale
Milk Stout
Dry Stout
Golden Ale
A couple of IPA's
Some Meade
And a distilled pomegranate concoction.

After tasting all those beers, things were a bit fuzzy, so apologies if I have forgotten anything.

The votes from the Logo Competition have been tallied and the Bootlegger will announce the winner of the competition and introduce the clubs logo shortly.. Congratulations to the winner! We presume that you will use your voucher wisely - i.e. to brew something fantastic for us to taste at the next meeting.

Cheers for now.