Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Ingredient Kit


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Delicious fresh cheese made in your own kitchen!

The Fresh Cheese Kit provides you with everything you need to make an array of fresh artisan cheese at home. Just add fresh milk!

This kit is ideal for beginners and makes up to 7kg of fresh cheese. All consumables can be purchased separately once used.

Feta – approximately 800g per batch,
Halloumi – approximately 600g per batch, 
Cream cheese – approximately 400g per batch,
Cottage Cheese – approximately 300g per batch, 
Quark – approximately 300g per batch

Kit Includes: Cheese Cloth, Cheese Salt, Square Feta Moulds (2), Steriliser, Mesophillic Starter Culture (MW3), Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (10), Stainless Steel Thermometer, Cheese Mat, Calcium Chloride, Pipette, Culture and Enzyme Measuring Spoons.

The mesophilic culture is shelf stable for 8 months at temperatures under 25 degrees Celsius. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer when you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture. Note: The culture in this kit contains a very small amount of dairy.